I enjoy words. I adore their emotion and sound. The sensual feel of the right word caressing a page enraptures me! There are long words: "supercilious", all haughty and pompous. There are short words: "plop" - plump, ripe and juicy. Let's not forget the audacious and rarely used words. The ones that are talked about in hushed tones when the meaning is a little ambiguous like "fecund" or "turgid".

I love playing with these bent and twisted combinations of characters: Melding them into shapes and forms to delight the body and soul; to convey a marketing message; help clients sell products, or just to have fun!

I've written, edited, proofed and formatted documents for the last 20 years. These range from simple by-lines to complex multi-page corporate tenders. I've written online copy for web sites; composed speeches, and managed the text for many online communities.

No word is too big or too small!

For more information - info@wordforge.co.za